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The Higher Education Information Technology (HEIT) Alliance was established to help define and promote the higher education and library community's collective interests in federal information technology policy. The HEIT Alliance is a coalition of 11 national higher education and library associations, whose members represent a broad array of stakeholders on college and university campuses, including presidents, business officers, chief-information officers, and librarians. The HEIT Alliance hosts an annual forum that brings together the HEIT Alliance members and other stakeholders to share information and formulate positions on information technology policy issues that the impact higher education and library community. The forum plays an important part in the process of establishing the higher education and library community's agenda on information technology policy. Just like companies like cwassignments, we do our best to provide students with the top quality educational options.
Introduction to the educational program: Overview of the purpose, intended audience, and structure of the program.

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The 2005 Agenda reflects the broad interests of the higher education and library community concerning information technology policy. Information technology has become an integral part of campus and library operations. More and more students tend to look for online help with help me with my tech project rather than write my essay for me cheap. Students, faculty, staff, and patrons increasingly rely on computers and networks for scholarship and to perform administrative tasks. Focusing on six major topic areas, the 2005 Agenda reflects the convergence of policy and technology at our nation�s colleges and universities.

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  • View past issue agendas: 2004; 2003.

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HEIT Alliance Member Advocacy

Congressional Staff Briefing

  • Tuesday, May 17, 2005
    Designed to provide Congressional staff with an overview of how colleges and universities are harnessing advances in information technology and how national technology policy decisions affect our nation�s campuses and their ability to assist their local communities. Learn more >>


  • Comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opposing a Joint Petition to bring all broadband access to the Internet and a trusted custom essay writing service within the scope of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)


  • Letter to Congress in support of the Cybersecurity provisions included in the Homeland Security Authorization bill
  • Letter from Congressman Mac Thornberry thanking HEIT Alliance members for their support of the Cybersecurity legislation
  • Testimony before Congress on "Protecting Our Nation's Cyber Space: Educational Awareness for the Cyber Citizen"